Boozy Birthday Comfort Gift Kit

Boozy Birthday Comfort Gift Kit

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Having a birthday is fun but as we get older it can also remind us of our age! This comfort gift kit is meant to celebrate the Birthday gal while also comforting her through her day. The crushed flower confetti popper is pretty, smells lovely and makes for a great instagram moment. Made in Shropshire England on a petal farm these poppers are completely biodegradable and sustainable so no clean up necessary. 

Comfort Kit Includes: 

  • Breakfast Wine Large Ceramic Mug
  • Gourmet Cake Batter Popcorn 
  • Crushed Flowers Confetti Popper "Happy Birthday"
  • Boozy Brunch Moisturizing Lip Balm 
  • "Happy Birthday" letterpress card with foil printed on a vintage printing press

Beautifully packaged and shipped directly to your recipient in our signature Taylor Lee Comfort gift boxes. 

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