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Sparkling Champagne filled Chocolate box

Sparkling Champagne filled Chocolate box

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Dark chocolate filled with Sparkling Extra Brut wine reduction filling Extra Brut champagne comes along with your most special moments. The extra brut stands out for the intensity of its yellow color with hints of apple and pineapple.

INTERNATIONAL CHOCOLATE AWARDS WINNER GOURMET BELGIAN CHOCOLATES - gift box for special occasions: Gift baskets for women, Special Gifts, For Sister, Father's Day. Father. Dad. Couple, Party, Meetings, birthday box food gift. Gift basket. Gourmet candy. Valentines Day. ARGENTINIAN WINES FILLINGS- Liquor. Hand-Crafted. NO PRESERVATIVES, non-additives, natural and authentic flavor. non-alcoholic syrup.  This delightful mix is rounded off by the texture of the purest semisweet chocolate -53% cocoa content- while providing and enduring freshness feel. Net Weight 2.1 oz (60g)

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