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Comfort Kits - The Ultimate Gift for Patients

When considering a gift for a loved one staying in a hospital, most people reach for the flowers. While this gift can certainly brighten up a lifeless hospital room, a personalized comfort kit can do so much more than that. A comfort kit shows thoughtfulness, it is carefully curated to the patients preferences. This gift lasts far beyond their stay to help in recovery after being discharged. Long lasting, thoughtful and the most comforting gift, Taylor Lee’s Comfort Kits are the best choice for your loved ones. 

In fact, some hospitals don’t even allow flowers. Intensive care, oncology, and immunocompromised patients could be at risk of infection or illness due to the flowers' possibility of harboring mold and water-borne organisms, according to Northeast Georgia Health System. Even a pollen allergy the gift giver wasn’t aware of could set back a patient. Additionally, the Children's Cancer Research Fund says that many patients have said flowers remind them of funerals, which certainly is not the effect the gift-givers are going for. Flowers die fast, and you want to give your loved one the certainty of the future with a long lasting gift that they can enjoy even after recovery. It shows your faith that they will make it through the darkest of times. 

A patient really needs to feel the love and appreciation around them when they are going through a tough time. A comfort kit says that you are there for them, and that you care. It means so much more to receive a personalized kit with all of your favorite things than a short lasting bouquet of insignificant flowers. Furthermore, it brings the comfort of friends and family even if it isn’t given in person. Taking the time to pick out these items shows that while you can’t be there in person, you care enough to make an effort to support them. 

You want your loved ones to feel supported and comfortable. A personalized comfort kit shows the patient you care and remember their preferences. It also gives a new and deeper level of comfort in a time when it is needed most. Our soft & fluffy pair of socks, rubber soled faux fur slippers or luxury silk sleep mask are two great options to provide a cozy gift and block out all the lights and bright screens. Or, options like our soothing lavender eye pillow or floral our collection of botanical scented greeting cards provide that fresh and soothing scent that flowers provide in a longer lasting format. Your loved one needs some comforting surroundings and scents to combat the suffocating sterilized hospital. The fastest way to a speedy recovery is to fully relax, allowing your body to heal. Stress and harsh surroundings make it hard to relax, so give your loved one the comfort of relaxation. 

Comfort Kits can go further than just comfort; they can also provide something to do while stuck in a boring hospital. Our Gratitude Journal or You Got this lined Journal can help uplift a patient and stay hopeful while giving them a creative outlet through writing, doodling or taking notes from all the doctor and nurse visits. Taylor Lee offers a variety of colorful pens to add a colorful and fun twist to their daily writing, giving some added motivation. 

One last option is our loungewear. With four varieties of this buttery soft material, your loved one is guaranteed to feel cozy and cute. Say goodbye to itchy and uncomfortable hospital gowns and give the gift of stylish comfort to give your loved one the best stay possible. This bamboo collection comes in Presley Pink, Sydney Stripe, Cora Buttery Soft, and Riley Ruffle Hem. (And if your loved one happens to have a corresponding name to the pajamas, it makes it even more personal!). These pajamas are the most comfortable and soothing clothes, which are perfect for providing that extra layer of comfort to your loved ones. 

With any collection of gifts from Taylor Lee, the comfort kit is sure to brighten your loved one’s stay and recovery, providing lasting comfort, warmth, and love like no flowers could. Give your friends and family the gift that never stops giving with Taylor Lee Comfort Kits. 

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