About Us

Hey There! I see you. Out there balancing relationships, motherhood, household duties, community commitments, family commitments, church involvement, causes close to your heart...and oh maybe also throw in a paying job(s). While at the same time you are trying to navigate emotions, feelings and life events planned & unplanned in your life and others lives. 

It can be super challenging & overwhelming at times. I applaud all the women (and men) out there that show up everyday and get it done.

And to those special people that encourage us, support us and uplift us along the way with kind words and heartfelt gifts.

Our little circus can get so crazy at times. My husband Lance and I live in Louisville, Kentucky and are raising 2 young daughters in a time that is ever so important for Women. I want to make them proud and show them that work you love + working hard is the key to a life you will love to live.

It is all hands on comfort in our Family. They help me test the products (especially the sweet treats) and they love being involved in loving on others in so many ways. My talented husband is also very involved in the creative and brand development with his extensive advertising background.

It takes a dream…a family and a village and I am so grateful to all of my people.

Who are you comforting today? 

Chief Comfort Officer,

~Shelly Dooley