When someone you love is grieving, what is the RIGHT thing to say?

The next time you aren’t sure what to SAY...stop thinking of perfect words and just DO something.

Gestures of action even small can bring the greatest comfort.

Grief can be so lonely and acknowledgement of any kind matters.

Anything at all. Send a text, say I'm sad for you, call and say I love you, say hello in a card, send a small gift, have food delivered, or just send an email that says I'm here and don't have the perfect words but I am here. 

When we feel so stumped and paralyzed that we end up saying nothing at all is when the grief can truly take over.

Rather than setting the expectation that you need to say the *right* thing, focus on the how and the why.

If your intentions are pure and your approach is genuine, you are exactly what she needs.

We don't have to have it all together and poetically crafted before we just show up. 

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