How to create a cozy space for you and your loved ones

How to create a cozy space for you and your loved ones


Who likes to feel cozy? (A better question is, “Who doesn’t?”)

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Feeling cozy is a big comfort goal for us at Taylor Lee Comfort. So we caught up with Amber Brandt, The Coziness Consultant and Queen of Cozy to get her take on what feeling cozy really means. 

 Amber consults on creating cozy personal spaces and events. She can even research and shop for you online to help you bring your cozy to life. 



What does “cozy” mean to The Coziness Consultant?

For Amber, it’s about a Danish concept called, hygge,” (pronounced "hue-gah") and about connecting with each other. 

Taylor Lee Comfort x Coziness Consultant_Photo of event table with lots of food and candles

Amber tells us, “Over the past decade, Americans have really snuggled up to hygge but in a decidedly “basic” way. 

Hygge as the Danes intended is much more than curling up with a glass of wine and a fireplace. Sure, that is arguably cozy and I’m not knocking it (I love that too!), but the Danish way carries more weight and meaning. 

One of the tenets of hygge is ‘We time over Me time.’ Cozy as the Danes practice it is rarely done alone—it’s cozy that’s experienced in community. 

To me, creating a cozy space is more than achieving the right vibe—it’s designing a comfortable backdrop where real connection, real vulnerability, real safety, and real joy can be shared. 

I LOVE designing cozy spaces, but I’m always after the thing-beneath-the-thing—creating a space that’s cozy for whoever lives and visits there. 

Real cozy happens when our spaces help us live into our values in authentic and meaningful ways.”

Tips for making your home feel cozy…

Making homes feel cozy is Amber’s superpower, so we’re sharing her tips on creating a cozy vibe in our own homes that invites that sense of “We.” 

Amber says, “There are lots of items considered universally ‘cozy, like slippers, soft throws blankets, or a favorite oversized hoodie, but when it comes to making YOUR SPACE cozy, I think it can be a little subjective. 

What makes you feel peaceful? 

What brings you joy? 

Incorporating elements that invoke a happy or restful spirit in YOU is best for creating a vibe you love. 

But as a rule of thumb, my top recommended items sure to up the cozy factor in a home are: 


The Coziness Consultant_Photo of a living room with a camel colored couch and chairs with blankets and art

  • Light sources (candles, strands of hanging lights, dimmers)
  • A variety of seasonally appropriate textures (knits, tassels or fringe, faux fur)
  • Natural elements (wood, rattan, water features, ceramic, stone, plants, decorative grasses)
  • A good balance of visual interest and visual rest 
  • Items with sentimental value


Cozy vs. Comfort?

At Taylor Lee Comfort, we’re all about comfort in every aspect of our lives⁠—in our homes, what we wear, self-care—and, most importantly, how we take care of each other. And we definitely try to curate cozy items in our shop. 

Coziness Consultant_Cozy living room with grey and cream couches and coffee table with decor

We’re curious how Amber thinks cozy and comfort work together. Here’s what she had to say, “I think comfort and cozy are adorable look-alike cousins who always get mistaken for each other—they come from the same family, but have distinct personalities. 

When I return to my hometown or throw on a pair of stretchy jeans, I feel comfortable. There’s something familiar that makes me feel good. 

But to me, the type of cozy I want to live in (and help my clients experience) goes much deeper. That kind of cozy is the culmination of my insides and outsides achieving equilibrium, of feeling like my space and heart are working together to make me feel safe and seen. 

Cozy is when I’m surrounded by people I love, fully relaxed, and comfortable.”

What are the coziest products currently available at Taylor Lee Comfort?

We asked Amber to take a look at the Taylor Lee Comfort shop to find the coziest and here’s what she selected and why:

Taylor Lee Comfort_Bamboo Pajamas
  • Buttery Soft Bamboo Pajamas. I’m ashamed to say I was well into my 30s before I invested in a really expensive pair of pajamas, and now I’ll never go back. Now I regularly gift grown-up lady PJs because they feel so luxurious and are a splurge many people don’t make for themselves.
  • Mini Apothecary Matches alongside a set of taper candles and holders. I always give tapers as a wedding gift because they instantly add elegance to any meal.
  • Pom Pom Throw Blanket, because throw blankets.
  • Wood + Bone Drink Coasters. I love when items provide aesthetics and function too. These are neutral enough to look beautiful sitting on anyone’s coffee table and add a touch of decorative texture.

The ultimate cozy moments…

Since we had the opportunity to get insider cozy insights from the Queen of Cozy, herself, Amber gave us some of her ultimate cozy moments. 

“My ultimate cozy moments are completely associated with the seasons. 

In the winter months, I love huddling under a blanket next to the Christmas tree or fireplace. I also feel completely cozy with a table full of family and friends, comfort food, and candlelight. 

Photo of Amber The Coziness Consultant in her sunroom relaxing

In warmer months, I spend every available moment in our sunroom, listening to the birds and the sounds of the forest. I often creep out there while the woods are still waking up to drink my hot coffee in the cool of the morning. When my daughter and husband wake, we all snuggle under a blanket. It’s heaven.”



If you’re interested in working with Amber, you can!

Amber can help you create the ultimate cozy home or event. A virtual or in-person cozy consultation up to 2 hours is $200 and $40/hr for additional services. You can learn more about Amber and her services at her website. 


(Photos were all provided by Amber, The Coziness Consultant.)




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