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Weekend Cardigan Travel Roll on Perfume

Weekend Cardigan Travel Roll on Perfume

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Our signature and exclusively designed weekend cardigan fragrance is our best seller! Customers have asked for a hand lotion and travel perfume. blended and bottled in Friday Harbor, Washington. Our perfumer is an expert in her field at creating artisan small batch perfume compositions. She made these two scents exclusively for Taylor Lee Comfort so we can share them with you! 

Weekend Cardigan ~ This warm scent reminds us of sunsets lakeside or cozy evenings fireside. 

Travel Roll On Perfume 8ml 

A note from our Perfumer: 

"All that I make embodies my journey towards freedom. The work expresses that which cannot be “said” with words – scent and abstraction are my bridges to others, and to life lived a moment at a time. My aim is to provoke a feeling of freedom from time, anxiety, ambition – from the ever-shifting demands of cultural ideas about how life should be. Scent is detected through the nose to the brain, and experienced in the limbic system where it stimulates a vague memory or far-off idea (a person, smoke, grade school, lemons, dirt) – scent relics of our history. I create fragrances with a specific goal to capture the essence of common experience. Perfume as art roots us in a moment where, when we are “present”, we can embrace the raw material of time. "

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